Design and Engineering
Extraordinary Designers + Certified and Experienced Engineers

When developing your new product, IDP’s expert team attends to all critical product areas. We know that product functionality, technical engineering, cost effectiveness and manufacturability are key and drive the development process. Our innovative industrial design and marketing staff also ensure that your product is well designed, ergonomic and appealing in its individual market.

Industrial Design
Industrial Design
  • Product Research, Competitive Scan and Patent Assessment
  • Preliminary Product Ideation- Detailed Hand Sketches
  • Highly Innovative Product Design and Solution Options
  • Concept Refinement- Initial CAD Models
  • Final Design Detail, Control Drawings and Presentation Renderings
Engineering and Technical Design
  • Experienced Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineers
  • Detailed SolidWorks 2D and 3D CAD drawings
  • Custom Firmware and Board Design
  • Software and Custom App Development
  • Experts in Wireless technology and Blue Tooth (BLE)
  • Manufacturing, Tooling, Materials and Process Expertise