High Value Marketing Support Services

IDP offers a full complement of marketing support services to help you promote your new product. As a group, our marketing arm has over 100 years of experience in research and analysis, business planning, web, logo and package design and product branding.

Our marketing arm is an on demand resource. Use only what you need when you need it. We offer very cost effective and streamlined marketing support services to our product development and manufacturing clients. We can save you time and money over large agencies, with our highly experienced staff.

We can assist you in the following marketing areas:

Informal Patent Searches, Market and Competitive Research, Market Validation, Consumer Feedback, Pricing Comparisons and Product Testing with Focus Groups.

Opportunity Development:
Marketing and Business Planning, Distribution Channel Development and Marketing Program Recommendations.

Website/Packaging Design:
Website Development, Packaging Design, Logo, Tagline Design and copy writing.

Collateral Material:
Collateral Material and Trade Show Marketing.