China and US Manufacturing
California Design + Low Cost Manufacturing

IDP’s integrated approach allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of Highly Creative California Design and Engineering coupled with low cost China and US Manufacturing.

IDP is headquartered in Southern California, where new global design trends often originate. Our product design and engineering staff are not only cutting edge innovators, but practical and cost oriented, as well. We follow a DFM (Design for Manufacturability) philosophy. Tooling investment, manufacturing efficiency and unit costs are driving factors from the very beginning. We always approach product development from an aesthetic, technical, reliability and cost effective standpoint.

IDP has had a manufacturing office in China for the past 17 years. We have project management, engineering and quality assurance staff in China to assist you in tooling and production. Our bilingual staff has an extensive network of factory relationships in a number of industries. IDP’s clients have the peace of mind knowing that their product is being produced by a reputable factory and that production has been double checked by our Q/A staff before shipping.

US manufacturing is important to some clients. We also have a network of domestic factories that can also assist you.

Manufacturing Steps

  • Factory qualification and selection
  • Competitive quotes
  • Custom tooling and factory set-up
  • Production Samples
  • Pilot runs and high volume production
  • Quality assurance and On-Site inspection
  • Shipping, freight and customs clearance
Performance Enhancing Video Gaming PadChina and US Manufacturing