I just need a prototype right away!


For over 30 years, we have heard the same request from many potential clients.

Of course, making a refined working prototype is a major developmental goal everyone wants.

However, there are 2 problems with this -make a prototype fast- thinking:

#1 Prototyping is a process not an end result.

Prototyping is how you test your engineering, improve and ultimately perfect your product design prior to manufacturing.

Simple products go through at least 2 rounds of prototyping, and complex products may need multiple rounds of prototyping and testing.


#2 Technical & Aesthetic Design, Engineering, and CAD must be worked on before any Prototyping

You cannot not just begin making a prototype and voila!… it’s perfect and works amazing!

First, we need to agree on all the requirements, then with manufacturing processes in mind, a technical, feasible, and unique design can be developed and finalized. Once the design is agreed to, initial Engineering, 3D CAD, and Aesthetic Design will be worked on. NOW we can make our first rough working prototype design to test out the engineering and design!

Once testing is in, and any other design and engineering changes, improvements or modifications are made, a second round of prototypes can be made and tested again.

The goal is a refined, demonstration grade prototype that can be manufactured or mass produced.

It just takes time, expertise and work to get there.


Types of Prototypes:

  • Bench Test Prototyping -testing complex mechanisms or electronics sub-assemblies prior to full prototyping
  • Alpha/Rough Working Prototype/MVC/ MVP: Minimum Viable Concept or Product – All very similar
  • Beta Grade Refined Prototype
  • Theta Grade Refined Prototype

Making a garage type prototype or even a 3D printed prototype is always helpful and can inform or validate some good things. However, if no formal engineering has been done, and no manufacturing processes have been incorporated into the technical design, then a concept can never be manufactured.