Proof of Concept, Fully Functional and Demonstration Grade Prototype Manufacturer

IDP utilizes a wide variety of prototyping techniques and tailors the process to your product’s specific needs.  We understand that prototyping is an iterative process that is meant to improve and perfect your product for eventual manufacturing and sales.  In between prototype stages, we work on product testing, design and functionality refinement and engineering improvement.  IDP fabricates custom prototypes for concept validation, marketing, fund-raising and demonstration, product refinement and to prepare for manufacturing.

What differentiates IDP from other prototyping houses is that we are well versed in the following prototype techniques.  We combine these different methodologies, as needed, to custom fabricate functional and demonstration grade prototypes.

Prototyping Techniques

  • Custom Fabrication for Working Prototypes
  • Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing and SLA parts
  • CNC, Stamping, Machining and Metal Fabrication
  • Temporary Molds and Castings for Product Testing
  • Foam and Proof of Concept Models
  • Professional Sewing and Soft Goods Prototyping
  • Custom Board Fabrication and Electronic Prototypes
  • Product Logo Printing/Screening for A More Finished Looking Prototype
  • Low Run/Market Test Units
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